Get Ready for an Unbeatable PS5 Gaming Experience with the 5 Best TVs on the Market

Top Tv for PS5

Elevating Your PS5 Gaming Experience with the Right TV

The PlayStation 5 (PS5) has taken the gaming world by storm with its incredible graphics, super-fast load times, and immersive gameplay. To get the most out of your PS5, you need a TV that can keep up with all that power under the hood.

The ideal PS5 TV should have features like 4K resolution, high refresh rates, HDMI 2.1 connectivity, and variable refresh rate (VRR) to deliver smooth visuals and minimal input lag. With the right display, your PS5 games will look sharper and more vibrant, load faster, and play buttery smooth.

In this buying guide, we will recommend the top 5 best TVs perfectly suited for PS5 gaming in 2024 based on extensive lab testing and hands-on evaluation. We considered key factors like picture quality, gaming performance, smart features, and value for money. Read on to find your perfect match!

Quick List of Top 5 TVs for PS5 Gaming

Best Overall: LG G3 OLED

With exceptional picture quality, stellar gaming credentials, and a sleek design, the LG G3 OLED is undoubtedly the best TV for PS5 gaming right now. This 2024 model builds upon the success of LG’s previous OLED TVs to deliver the ultimate gaming experience.

It starts with LG’s latest OLED evo technology that produces brighter images with increased clarity and detail. Vibrant, accurate colors and perfect inky blacks create stunning contrast. The fast 0.1ms response time and low input lag provide incredibly fluid motion with no ghosting or blurring.

Gaming on the G3 feels snappy and responsive thanks to cutting-edge HDMI 2.1 ports, 4K 120Hz support, VRR, and ALLM auto low latency mode. You also get Dolby Vision gaming at 4K 120fps for remarkable HDR performance. And it’s all wrapped up in an elegant gallery design.

Best Value: Samsung AU8000

The Samsung AU8000 proves that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a PS5-ready 4K TV with great performance. As an entry-level model, it lacks fancier features but delivers where it matters most for gaming.

With 4K resolution, HDR support, and 60Hz refresh rate, the AU8000 checks the basics for showcasing the PS5’s graphics power. Its VA panel produces nice contrast with deep blacks although viewing angles are limited. Motion handling is also solid thanks to the fast response time.

For gaming, it has Auto Low Latency Mode, variable refresh rate, and low input lag at 4K 60Hz. You get two HDMI ports too. The Tizen smart platform is easy to use while the build quality is decent for the price.

Best Premium: Sony Bravia A95K

If money is no object in your pursuit of the ultimate PS5 display, look no further than the exceptional Sony Bravia A95K. This flagship-class TV leverages cutting-edge QD-OLED technology to deliver out-of-this-world image quality and gaming prowess.

With infinite contrast and vibrant yet accurate colors, the A95K’s picture performance is second to none. Gaming visuals appear lifelike thanks to its rapid response time and 4K 120fps capability. Support for advanced gaming features like VRR, ALLM, and 4K 120Hz ensures flawlessly smooth gameplay.

Powered by the advanced Cognitive XR processor, the A95K also delivers intensely realistic sound with Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology. And it comes integrated with Google TV for smart connectivity. If you want the absolute best TV money can buy for your PS5, the A95K certainly fits the bill.

Best QD-OLED: Samsung S95C

Representing a massive leap in display technology, the Samsung S95C QD-OLED TV takes PS5 gaming into a new stratosphere. By combining quantum dot and OLED innovations, it brings out the absolute best in your PS5.

With OLED-level blacks and searing QD-powered brightness/colors, the S95C produces astonishingly vibrant and nuanced images. HDR content looks especially incredible. The nearly instantaneous response time also ensures buttery smooth motion clarity.

Of course, it checks all the gaming boxes – 4K 120fps, VRR, ultra-low input lag, etc. And Samsung’s Tizen platform makes navigating its smart features an absolute breeze. If you want cutting-edge display tech amplifying your PS5’s power, this is the TV to splurge on.

Best Ambilight: Philips OLED807

The Philips OLED807 brings a unique Ambilight experience tailor-made for super immersive PS5 gaming sessions. Its performance also matches up well to premium OLED rivals.

Powered by LG’s latest OLED evo panel, it delivers fantastic contrast and colors. Gaming feels extremely responsive with 4K 120Hz and VRR support eliminating any motion artifacts. And input lag measures very low across resolutions and frame rates.

Where the OLED807 stands out is its three-sided Ambilight system. Using intelligent LEDs, Ambilight projects colors from the screen onto the wall behind in real-time. This expands your field of view for a more captivating gaming experience.

Exploring Features and Benefits

How to Choose the Best TV for PS5

Choosing the ideal TV for your PS5 involves more than just picking the flashiest, most expensive option. The key is finding the right combination of features, technology, and price to match your needs and budget.

Here are the most vital factors to consider:

  • Resolution – At a minimum, a 4K (3,840 x 2,160) screen allows you to enjoy the PS5’s ultra HD gaming graphics fully. 8K TVs are overkill currently.
  • Refresh Rate – Aim for native 120Hz refresh rate TVs to experience silky smooth gameplay at up to 120fps.
  • HDMI 2.1 – These ports allow 4K 120Hz and variable refresh rate on compatible TVs for lag-free gaming.
  • Response Time – Faster response times under 5ms provide clear motion and minimize input lag.
  • HDR Support – With HDR10 or Dolby Vision, compatible games leap to life with expanded contrast and a wider color gamut.
  • Smart Features – WebOS, Tizen, and Google TV offer intuitive interfaces plus access to popular streaming apps.

Also factor in your viewing environment, size requirements, and budget flexibility. Once you nail down these aspects, picking the perfect PS5 TV becomes much easier.

Testing Criteria for the Top 5 TVs

We arrived at our recommendations above after conducting extensive lab tests on all the latest TV models from top brands. Our team evaluated them across various critical parameters to gauge real-world gaming performance.

These include signal processing tests using specialized equipment to examine resolution, color accuracy

and contrast. Motion handling is quantified by measuring response time, input lag, and refresh rate abilities. We also assess reflection handling, viewing angles, and more using a range of test patterns designed to push TVs to their limit.

For gaming, consoles like the PS5 are connected directly to TVs to assess gaming features and lag. Factors like 4K 120Hz compatibility, VRR implementation, and Auto Low Latency Mode are checked. Subjective testing during actual gameplay also lets us evaluate motion clarity, HDR quality, sound, etc.

Finally, we analyze smart platforms for usability and app support. Picture quality is judged with various HDR formats across different content. Only TVs that excel across all these tests make the cut to our best lists, like the models recommended for PS5 here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Common Queries about Choosing a TV for PS5

Q: Do I need an 8K TV for my PS5?

A: Not at all! 8K TVs are still prohibitively expensive and 8K gaming content is basically non-existent. A good 4K TV like the models above is more than enough to enjoy the stunning graphics and high frame rates of the PS5.

Q: What size TV should I buy?

A: Bigger is usually better to truly appreciate 4K visuals and HDR contrast. For console gaming, a 55-inch to 65-inch screen size is ideal for most spaces. Measure your room size, viewing distance, etc. to pick what works for your setup.

Q: Is OLED worth it for PS5 gaming?

A: If you have the budget, absolutely! OLED TVs like the LG G3 deliver the best overall picture quality. Their near-instant pixel response is especially well-suited for fast-paced console gaming. High-end LED/LCD TVs like Sony’s XR models also perform admirably though.

Q: Do I need HDMI 2.1 for PS5?

A: It’s not mandatory but highly recommended. HDMI 2.1 ports allow advanced gaming features like 4K 120fps, VRR, and ALLM which take full advantage of the PS5’s capabilities for lag-free, buttery smooth gameplay.

So there you have it, our roundup of the 5 best TVs to buy right now for unlocking the true power of your PS5! Any of these models will serve you well but the LG G3 OLED stands out as the most complete package. Happy gaming!

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