Top 4 Ashikos


For martial arts enthusiasts, Ashikos are integral to training and competition. These lightweight, durable footwear provide traction and protection during rigorous sessions. When selecting Ashikos, practitioners must consider fit, flexibility, and grip factors. The highest quality Ashikos utilize innovative materials and construction methods to maximize performance. Leading brands engineer Ashikos explicitly designed for different martial arts disciplines. Competition-level Ashikos allow elite athletes to execute techniques at the highest levels.

Deciding on the right pair requires identifying priorities like comfort, support, and durability. Evaluating past experiences with different Ashiko models can inform purchasing decisions. This blog post explores the critical elements of today’s top Ashikos, providing key insights for comparison shopping. With the correct information, martial artists can invest in elite footwear engineered for their specific needs and goals.

Top Ashikos

Meinl Percussion Mini Melody Steel

The Meinl Percussion Mini Melody Steel Tongue Drum produces gentle and calming music to help you relax. It is small and easy to carry wherever you go and can be played by anyone. It’s perfect to use in any environment, whether you’re a beginner or a professional musician. The Meinl Percussion Mini Melody Steel Tongue Drum is tiny, measuring only 5.5″, making it highly portable and easy to carry. You can take it with you wherever you go, whether it’s to play in a classroom, at home, or on the go. You don’t need to bother with bulky bass or complex percussion instruments, as this tiny drum is straightforward to store.

This drum’s particular pre-tuned scale is a standout feature. Its unique design ensures that you won’t play any wrong notes, which makes it easy to learn and create melodies. Even without musical experience, you can produce beautiful sounds and explore the music world. The Meinl Percussion Mini Melody Steel Tongue Drum has relaxing and peaceful tones to help you find inner peace. You can use it for different purposes, such as meditation, relaxation, or music, to create a calm environment. It is ideal for creating soothing melodies with gentle and resonant tones. No new details were added in the rewrite.

Despite being small, the Meinl Percussion Mini Melody Steel Tongue Drum has much potential for creative expression. You can try various playing techniques, rhythms, and mallets to discover diverse sounds and textures. Stimulate your imagination and get lost in the captivating realm of music.

Discover a world of peaceful and creative expression through the Meinl Percussion Mini Melody Steel Tongue Drum. With its portable and compact design, you can play it anywhere, and its pre-tuned scale makes it easy to play. Experiment with versatile sounds and create soothing melodies. Whether new to music or an experienced musician, the Meinl Percussion Mini Melody Steel Tongue Drum is the ideal instrument for musical exploration and relaxation. Start playing and let the melodies take you to tranquility and serenity.

Tycoon Percussion TSH

Explore the world of percussion with the Tycoon Percussion TSH-12BN 12″ Ashiko drum in a natural finish. This drum is skillfully crafted to enhance your musical journey with exceptional sound quality and artistic construction. Every detail, including the handcrafted Siam Oak Wood structure and carefully selected goat skin heads, has been thoughtfully incorporated to provide superior resonance, flexibility, and aesthetics.

The Tycoon Percussion TSH-12BN 12″ Ashiko Natural has a great sound enjoyed by both performers and listeners. The drum is made from high-quality materials such as Siam Oak Wood and goat skin heads that produce deep bass tones and crisp slap sounds. It doesn’t matter if you are playing in the studio, on stage, or at a drum circle because the sound quality of this drum is rich and powerful, leaving a great impression on anyone who hears it.

The Tycoon Percussion TSH-12BN 12″ Ashiko Natural drum has black powder-coated hardware and a shiny surface, giving it a unique and attractive look. The drum has been carefully crafted with great attention to detail, making it an exceptional piece of art. Not only does it look great during musical performances, but it also adds an element of sophistication to any environment.

The Tycoon Percussion TSH-12BN 12″ Ashiko Natural comes with a tuning wrench to make adjusting and tuning the drum quick and painless. Using the wrench, you can obtain the precise pitch and tone that best matches your musical style and preferences. With this sashiko, you can easily experiment with different sounds and adapt to various music genres.

Tycoon Percussion is known for their dedication to exceptional craftsmanship, and the TSH-12BN 12″ Ashiko Natural reflects its expertise. The drum is carefully crafted by hand, guaranteeing the highest quality. Consequently, the drum surpasses expectations regarding its sound quality, style, and playability. You can rely on Tycoon Percussion to provide a drum that encourages and enhances rhythmic creativity.

Enhance your rhythmic skills with the Tycoon Percussion TSH-12BN 12″ Ashiko Natural drum. This drum has excellent sound quality, a visually appealing design, and is simple to adjust, making it an essential instrument for percussion lovers. Experience exceptional music with the Tycoon Percussion TSH-12BN 12″ Ashiko Natural. The drum is crafted with the finest materials and expert craftsmanship, exceeding expectations in every aspect. Start your rhythmic journey with this exceptional instrument today and make a statement. Don’t miss out.

Tycoon Percussion TASH

If you love percussion and want a high-quality instrument with rich, resonant sounds, check out the Tycoon Percussion TASH-8 8″ Roped Tuned Ashiko. Made from the finest Siam Oak Wood, this drum stands 19″ tall. It has an 8″ diameter head that produces impressive bass tones and clear slap sounds. The Tycoon Percussion TASH-8 is an Ashiko drum that delivers excellent sound quality and reliability thanks to its high-quality goat skin heads and easy tuning system. You can elevate your performances and impress your audience with this impressive drum.

The Tycoon Percussion TASH-8 is an 8-inch Ashiko drum that creates rich, captivating sounds for the player and the audience. Constructed with hand-selected Siam Oak Wood and premium goat skin heads, it produces crisp and loud bass tones and sharp slap sounds. With this drum, you can confidently express your musicality alone or in a group. It offers exceptional resonance and clarity.

The TASH-8 8″ Roped Tuned Ashiko by Tycoon Percussion is a meticulously handcrafted drum demonstrating the company’s dedication to producing excellent products. The craftsmen’s skills and expertise are evident in every drum design and construction aspect. It is made using high-quality materials and precision techniques to ensure it is long-lasting and durable. When you buy from Tycoon Percussion, you can be confident that you are purchasing an instrument that will endure for years.

Achieving the perfect drum sound is effortless with the Tycoon Percussion TASH-8 8″ Roped Tuned Ashiko. Its 5mm non-stretch rope allows for easy and fast tuning, so you can focus on playing instead of adjusting the pitch. With this drum, you can expect exceptional performance as it is perfectly tuned to suit your needs. The Tycoon Percussion TASH-8 8″ Roped Tuned Ashiko drum is versatile and easy to carry due to its small size and lightweight design. This makes it convenient to play in different settings, such as on stage, in the studio, or at a drum circle. With its portability, you can bring your rhythmic expression wherever you go.

Enhance your percussion performances with the Tycoon Percussion TASH-8 8″ Roped Tuned Ashiko. This exceptional drum produces deep, resonant sounds that elevate your musical experience. This drum’s craftsmanship and attention to detail ensure unmatched sound quality and durability. Its efficient tuning system and versatile design make it a dependable companion for professionals and passionate hobbyists. Upgrade your instrument collection and explore the exclusive musical opportunities that the Tycoon Percussion TASH-8 offers. Elevate your percussion skills and grab attention with this impressive instrument.

X8 Drums Ashiko

The X8 Drums Ashiko Freedom Drum, Large, is a traditional drum that stands 26 inches tall and produces deep bass tones and captivating sounds. It has a goatskin playing surface that creates enchanting melodies with each strike. The X8 Drums Ashiko Freedom Drum is an extraordinary musical instrument and a work of art. It has a hand-carved design and antique chocolate-painted finish that will captivate both players and viewers. It is made from certified plantation-grown mahogany wood and has a traditional rope tuning system, giving an authentic and exclusive sound experience. Play the drum and immerse yourself in the world of rhythmic possibilities.

The Ashiko Freedom Drum by X8 Drums is created to provide deep and vibrant tones that can touch your inner being. The drum’s size enables it to emit deep bass notes and other techniques that skilled percussionists can play. The goatskin playing surface feels smooth and warm, allowing players to have better control over the drum’s dynamics and make captivating melodies that can enchant both players and audiences. This drum suits settings such as on stage, in a drum circle, or playing with friends. It can enhance your musical expression significantly.

The X8 Drums Ashiko Freedom Drum is a beautifully crafted musical instrument with intricate hand-carved designs. The skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail are showcased in each drum. The antique chocolate-painted finish adds a touch of sophistication and authenticity to the drum’s unique aesthetic. It’s visually stunning and sure to capture anyone’s attention, making it a great addition to any musical performance or space. The X8 Drums Ashiko Freedom Drum is made from a single piece of certified plantation-grown mahogany wood, making it very durable and high-quality. The drum will last a long time and produce beautiful sounds. Its traditional rope tuning system is authentic and allows for precise tuning adjustments, giving you a variety of tonal possibilities to explore.

Experience the captivating rhythms of the X8 Drums Ashiko Freedom Drum. This high-quality instrument offers immersive musical experiences with exceptional sound, artistry, and durability. Its large size and goatskin playing surface produce a wide range of tones, including deep bass, for expressive and dynamic performances. The X8 Drums Ashiko Freedom Drum is a stunning instrument that can elevate the musical experience with its intricate design, vintage chocolate paint, and classic rope tuning system. Playing this drum can bring a sense of history and natural beauty to your performances, allowing you to connect deeply with rhythm.

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