Top 5 Ashikos


Finding the right ashiko drum is crucial for martial artists pursuing their passion. This hand drum of African origin has become a staple in many dojos and training halls, providing an authentic rhythm to accompany kata and technique practice. When selecting your sashiko, you’ll want to consider factors like sound quality, durability, and comfort. The ideal sashiko will resonate with a rich, full-bodied tone to inspire students’ kiais and kata. It should also withstand the rigors of daily training and travel to competitions or seminars.

And, of course, a comfortable grip and lightweight design make an ashiko a joy to play for extended periods. As you research your options, remember that not all ashikos are created equal. Master drummers prefer handmade sashiko from specialty workshops, which offer superior craftsmanship compared to mass-produced versions. This blog will highlight some of the top sashiko drums today based on sound, construction, and value criteria. Let’s explore some excellent choices to elevate your training with the stirring rhythms of this captivating hand drum.

Top  Ashikos

Meinl Percussion Mini Melody Steel Tongue

The Meinl Percussion Mini Melody Steel Tongue Drum is a small instrument designed to produce relaxing sounds that can help you meditate. It has an elegant white finish and is only 5.5 inches in size, making it easy to carry around. You can play beautiful melodies with it both at home or in a classroom. Its purpose is to offer a calming musical experience. Meinl Percussion’s Mini Melody Steel Tongue Drum is designed with a pre-tuned scale that ensures harmonious melodies every time you play. This feature eliminates the possibility of wrong notes, making it easy for beginners to create calming musical tunes and enjoy the soothing sound of the drum.

The Meinl Percussion Mini Melody Steel Tongue Drum has a small and lightweight design that makes it convenient to take with you on your musical adventures. You no longer have to worry about dealing with large and complicated instruments. It will easily fit in your musical bag so you can bring it anywhere. This drum is ideal for composing music while traveling or finding a peaceful moment. The Meinl Percussion Mini Melody Steel Tongue Drum can help you unleash your creativity, regardless of your skill level. It produces gentle and melodic tones that provide a perfect background to your musical ideas. You can experiment with the steel tongues to create unique melodies that have no limitations. Give your fingers a chance to dance on the instrument and explore the endless possibilities.

The Meinl Percussion Mini Melody Steel Tongue Drum is an excellent choice for anyone who wants an instrument that inspires creativity and provides a calming musical experience. With its simple design, easy portability, and delightful melodies, this drum suits musicians of all skill levels. Begin your musical journey now and enjoy the benefits of meditative pieces with this remarkable instrument. The Meinl Percussion Mini Melody Steel Tongue Drum can help you relax and find inner peace with its soothing sounds. It’s an excellent tool for both experienced musicians and beginners who want to explore melodic expression. You don’t have to wait any longer to experience this musical serenity.

Tycoon Percussion TSH

Meet the Tycoon Percussion TSH-12BN 12″ Ashiko Natural drum, which can enhance your musical experience. This drum is crafted by hand with high-quality Siam Oak Wood, ensuring excellent resonance and tone. Its carefully selected goat skin heads provide rich bass tones, and sharp slap sounds enthrall any listener. The Tycoon Percussion TSH-12BN 12″ Ashiko Natural features black powder-coated hardware and a super high-gloss finish, making it visually stunning. Its appearance will make you stand out when performing on stage or in the studio. Additionally, it is a great-sounding drum.

The Tycoon Percussion TSH-12BN 12″ Ashiko Natural has a tuning wrench that makes tuning and adjusting the drum easy and hassle-free. With this drum, you can fine-tune your instrument to achieve the sound you prefer- a deep, booming bass or a crisp, bright tone. Tycoon Percussion is a reputable brand known for its excellent craftsmanship. The TSH-12BN 12″ Ashiko Natural is a drum meticulously crafted to provide exceptional sound quality, style, and playability. Its components, including the handpicked goat skin heads and precisely engineered black powder-coated hardware, have been carefully designed to surpass your expectations and enhance your performance.

The Tycoon Percussion TSH-12BN 12″ Ashiko Natural drum produces a rich and dynamic sound that allows both professional drummers and enthusiasts to explore their rhythmic potential. With deep and resonant bass tones and sharp slap sounds, this drum can create mesmerizing rhythms that leave a lasting impact.

Tycoon Percussion TASH

The Tycoon Percussion TASH-8 8″ Roped Tuned Ashiko is a drum perfect for percussion enthusiasts. It is 19″ tall and made of Siam Oak Wood, giving it excellent quality and durability. Its 8″ diameter head produces a wide range of crisp and loud bass tones and sharp slap sounds. These features make it an ideal drum to use in performances. The Tycoon Percussion TASH-8 drum features high-quality goat skin heads with excellent sound quality and tonal clarity. The heads are selected precisely to provide a perfect balance of resonance and responsiveness. With this drum, you can produce rich and dynamic sounds, whether playing soft melodic rhythms or powerful beats, which can help enhance your drumming performances.

The Tycoon Percussion TASH-8 is an instrument tuning tool that uses a 5mm extra non-stretch solid rope for quick and efficient tuning. You can adjust the tension to create the desired tone for your playing style. This makes the tuning process much easier and less time-consuming, allowing you to focus on your musical creativity. The TASH-8 drum from Tycoon Percussion is crafted with exceptional attention to detail for superior sound quality and durability. It is made of hand-selected Siam Oak Wood that produces great tonal characteristics and is expertly constructed to withstand frequent use and transportation.

Try the Tycoon Percussion TASH-8 8″ Roped Tuned Ashiko to improve your percussion instrument collection. This drum provides exceptional sound quality, dependable performance, and unparalleled durability. It is suitable for both professional musicians and devoted enthusiasts, and it can help enhance your playing skills and spark your creativity.

The Tycoon Percussion TASH-8 8″ Roped Tuned Ashiko can help you improve your percussion skills. It has high-quality craftsmanship and produces deep and resonant sounds. You can use it in various settings, such as on stage, in the studio, or in a drum circle, to showcase your musicality. The drum’s striking presence and powerful tones are sure to impress.

X8 Drums Ashiko

The X8 Drums Ashiko Freedom Drum is a beautifully crafted traditional drum 26 inches tall and painted in an antique chocolate style. Its hand-carved design showcases authentic craftsmanship. When played, it becomes an extension of the player and captures the attention of those watching and listening. The X8 Drums Ashiko produces deep bass sounds that vibrate through your body thanks to its large size. You can also create different rhythms and melodies with its various tones. The goatskin material of the playing surface feels smooth and warm, enhancing the quality of your playing.

The X8 Drums Ashiko Freedom Drum is a product of exceptional craftsmanship. It is made from certified plantation-grown mahogany wood meticulously carved from a single solid piece. The drum features a traditional rope tuning system that lets you fine-tune the tension according to your preference and unveil its distinctive crackly nuances. When you play the drum, you’ll experience a profound connection to the ancestral origins of percussion. The X8 Drums Ashiko Freedom Drum allows you to play music with rhythms inspired by ancient traditions. It is perfect for performances on stage, joining a drum circle, or adding depth to your home compositions. The drum’s enchanting sound and authentic beauty can inspire your creativity and passion for percussion.

Upgrade your drumming experience with the X8 Drums Ashiko Freedom Drum that offers extraordinary features. It boasts a captivating appearance, deep bass tones, and exceptional craftsmanship, enhancing your musical expression like never before. Whether you are a seasoned professional or simply an avid enthusiast, this drum is a must-have on your musical journey. The X8 Drums Ashiko Freedom Drum has a commanding presence and captivating sound that can help you explore the power of percussion. This drum is rooted in ancient tradition and can inspire your musical creativity. This drum can help you enhance your performances and captivate your audience with its unique sound and beauty. Let the rhythm of the X8 Drums Ashiko Freedom Drum set you free.

X8 Drums Ashiko Freedom

The X8 Drums Ashiko Freedom Drum is a musical instrument that can take you to the core of West African music. It is suitable for drum circles and outdoor performances, ideal for producing mesmerizing rhythms to enthrall your listeners. The drum is made from Siam Oak wood, which is eco-friendly and has a strong resonance while maintaining a classic appearance. The X8 Drums Ashiko Freedom Drum is a unique instrument known for its exceptional quality and meticulous detailing. It features steel hardware and a tension rod tuning system, which makes it easy to adjust the tension and achieve the desired sound. With its impressive visuals and traditional tone, this drum is a must-have for any musician.

The X8 Drums Ashiko Freedom Drum has a premium goatskin head that is carefully chosen to enhance the sound quality of every beat. This drum allows you to connect with the traditional West African drumming style, creating music that reflects the previous generations’ spirit. The X8 Drums Ashiko Freedom Drum has a height of 25 inches and is very powerful. Its large size produces an impressive resonance, creating a deep and rhythmic vibration for your beats to fill the air. This drum is perfect for performances in drum circles or outdoor settings as it commands attention and creates an immersive musical experience.

The X8 Drums Ashiko Freedom Drum comes in 10-inch and 12-inch sizes to help you achieve the loudest sound possible. With these options, you can choose the size that best fits your musical preferences and performance needs. Regardless of which size you choose, rest assured that the drum will produce an intense and captivating sound. The X8 Drums Ashiko Freedom Drum is an excellent instrument for jam sessions. Its design is classic, crafted with incredible attention to detail, and produces impressive sound. Whether you’re a professional percussionist or an amateur, playing with this drum will help you improve your rhythm and take your performance to the next level.

The X8 Drums Ashiko Freedom Drum is the perfect tool to bring your music to life. It produces captivating rhythms and authentic sounds that uplift your spirit and energize your performances. By embracing the power of West African drumming, you can unlock your creativity and make your music experience more fulfilling.

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