Pacific Drums by DW Mini Timbale

Chrome Plated Steel, 4X10

Pacfic Drums by DW Mini Timbales are the perfect set of percussion instruments for your band! These stylish, chrome plated steel timbales have package dimensions of 30.988 cms (L) x 30.734 cms (W) x 12.7 cms (H) and include one unit, making them an easy addition to any ensemble. Delight in maximum sound projection with their bright tones and authentic, traditional Latin styling that could only come from Pacific Drums by DW. Created with reliable construction you can trust and a modern look that’s sure to be admired, these mini timbales feature the renowned quality we at Pacific Drums by DW are proud of. Give your music a unique and vibrant flair with this amazing instrument from China–Pacific Drums by DW Mini Timbale!

Latin Percussion LP Matador 14″ & 15″

” Deep Shell Timbales – Antique Finish

Get ready to take your Latin percussion to the next level with LP Matador 14″ & 15″ Deep Shell Timbales. These unique steel shells create a classic antique look, along with an extra volume and bass tones you won’t get anywhere else thanks to their 8″ depth. You’ll feel the vibrancy of the dry cascara sound, making them an ideal choice for experienced players seeking an authentic Latin percussion experiencefe. Every purchase includes a Matador cowbell, as well as a timbale stand, tuning wrench and sticks – so you can start playing right away. Experience what makes LP Matador 14″ & 15″ Deep Shell Timbales a cut above the rest – order today!

Pacific Drums by DW Mini Timbale,

“Chrome Plated Steel

The Pacific Drums by DW Mini Timbale, Chrome Plated Steel is a musical instrument designed to perform dynamic and creative percussion tones. Unsurpassed in sound quality, this instrument has a 12.7 cm height and weighs approximately 8 lbs which makes it an ideal component for any small ensemble or drum set-up. The item comes with a 30.988 cm length and 23.876 cm width dimensions along with chrome plating to protect the steel components from rusting and other elements that can deteriorate the product’s look and feel over time. Featuring up to two individual drums, each one can be tuned differently in order to alter and customize the sound of your percussive beat making it distinctively unique every time you play. It’s also incredibly easy to carry around thanks to its light weight design, making it perfect for gigs, performances or recording sessions. If you’re looking for an exquisite addition to your percussion instruments collection then look no further than Pacific Drums by DW Mini Timbale, Chrome Plated Steel! This high quality piece of equipment will give your performances life like nothing else!

Lp Drum Set Timbale

4X12 Black Nickle

Add a unique sound to your drumset with the LP Drum Set Timbale 4X12 Black Nickle. Crafted from high-carbon plated steel for superior sound, this 12″ diameter and 4″ deep drum produces a rich, warm tone perfect for Latin-style music. With its drum set-style rims and tunings, it offers nearly endless possibilities for experimentation and creativity. Plus, the included heavy duty chrome mounting brackets allows you to mount your timbale from 3/8″ to 1/2″ arms or rods. Don’t miss out on the classic sound of Thailand blended with modern production that LP Drum Set Timbale 4X12 Black Nickle offers! Get yours today and see how your play transforms!

Sawtooth Command Series 13” & 14”

Chrome Steel Timbale Set

Introducing the Sawtooth Command Series 13” & 14” Chrome Steel Timbale Set! Get ready for a deep, classic timbale sound with chrome steel shells that have been polished to perfection. The triple flange steel hoops plus standard tuning tension rods make drum kit-style tunings a breeze. And you’ll love the gorgeous Command Series zinc ball end steel tube shell lugs; they make an elegant addition to your setup. Plus, this set includes an adjustable chrome stand with rubber bumper support and memory lock to protect your shells and avoid slippage. On top of that, you get a cowbell and attachable bracket too! All these features together will help you create amazing music with ease and precision – so what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the Sawtooth Command Series Timbale set today!

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