Flipper Zero

Introducing the Flipper Zero

Introducing the Flipper Zero – a cutting-edge sub-GHz transceiver. Our revolutionary device packs all your important remotes and cards into one compact, easy-to-carry system. 
The Flipper Zero is your powerful radio remote with many protocols – including Zwave, TPI/Ventech and ADF. Now you can safely and conveniently control wireless devices with the touch of a button. 
And that’s not all! The Flipper Zero also has an onboard NFC module so you can store all your Mifare, NTAG, or other NFC cards along with an RFID reader to store, emulate and write EM Marin, HID, Indala keyfobs, office cards and more without having to remember separate passwords or codes. 
Using its Universal IR Transceiver you can also control your TV or other home entertainment equipment from anywhere in the world using Bluetooth LE technology. And speaking of security: you can use your Flipper Zero as a FIDO U2F Security Token to authenticate everywhere – plus store all of your Dallas, Cyfral, and Metakom keys on the iButton. 
So don’t imagine what could be – get yourself a Flipper Zero today for maximum Control over everything!

Uniden Bearcat BC125AT Handheld Scanner

500-Alpha-Tagged Channels

Introducing the Uniden Bearcat BC125AT Handheld Scanner – your companion for monitoring over 40,000 frequencies and understanding them quickly with 500 Alpha-Tagged Channels. Tune into civilian and military bands, including Non-Digital Police, Ambulance, Fire, Weather Services, Marine Services, Aircraft Communications, Railroad Events and Activities, Civil Air Operations, Amateur Radio Services and Racing fever!
The BC125AT allows you to search more efficiently with a handy division of 500 channels stored in 10 storage banks. Personalize the entire experience by organizing your channels based on department, location or even places of interest. Plus get Alpha Tagging—the ability to assign names to your channels so you can keep track of what you’re listening to at any given time.
Some things just don’t fit in while travelling. But the catch is – you want all that you need close at hand. So we have tailored the wireless handheld device that weighs nothing but can hold it all– now that’s what we call comfort! The orange backlight display will make it look sleek and easy for you comprehend in any light conditions– say no to eye strain. 
Get up and running today with this revolutionary Uniden Bearcat BC125AT handheld scanner for on-the-go convenience that won’t weigh you down!

Uniden BC355N 800 MHz 300-Channel Base/Mobile Scanner,

Close Call RF Capture, Pre-programmed Search 

The Uniden BC355N 800 MHz 300-Channel Base/Mobile Scanner is the perfect tool to stay up to date on all of the latest local happenings and emergencies. The Bearcat Scanner features incredible long range analog reception and allows you to monitor Police, Fire, Emergency Medical Services, Marine, Air, Weather, and CB frequencies so that you are always in the loop. 
The scanner also inputs information from its Close Call RF Capture Technology which instantly tunes to signals from nearby transmitters, creating a comprehensive pre-programmed search that helps you find active frequencies no matter where you are located. It can store up to 300 frequencies for scan along with preset service categories so that you always have access to the latest information. With 100 channels/sec scanspeed (max) it’s never been easier for consumers to keep up with local events regarding public safety. 
Make sure that you’re always informed – choose the 880MHz Uniden BC355N Mobile/Base Scanner today!

Uniden BC365CRS 500 Channel Scanner and Alarm Clock

with Snooze, Sleep, and FM Radio with Weather Alert 

With the Uniden BC365CRS 500 Cannel Scanner and Alarm Clock with Snooze, Sleep you can stay informed on the go. Keep up-to-date with your favorite news channels and listen in to essential emergency broadcasts with this all-in-one convenient desktop design. This scanner offers a range of pre-sets tuned to popular searches including Police/Fire/Emergency, Weather, Marine, Aircraft, Amateur Radio, Railroad, and more – making it easy to find that channel that interests you. Not only is it a reliable scanner but also features a built-in FM Radio and Alarm Clock with Snooze and Sleep capabilities so you can wake up to scanning or your favorite radio station each morning. The attractive design makes this all-in-one device ideal for home use too. Listen in and stay informed with the Uniden BC365CRS 500 Channel Scanner!

Uniden Bearcat BC75XLT Handheld Scanner, 300 Channels, 10 banks

Close Call Technology, PC Programable, NOAA Weather, Aviation, Marine, Railroad, NASCAR, and Non-Digital Police

The Uniden Bearcat BC75XLT Handheld Scanner makes it easy to tap into the world around you. With its lightweight and portable design, the BC75XLT is perfect for those on the go. It’s even equipped with an orange backlight display that ensures visibility even in low light conditions. Plus, you don’t need an advanced technical knowledge to get started listening right away. This scanner boasts convenient pre-sets for popular searches, so all you have to do is switch to the frequency of your choice. For instance, if weather reports or non-digital police/fire/emergency broadcasts spark your interest, then you’re all set! Of course, this omnipresent device also affords listeners access to marine, racing, civil air, HAM radio, railroad channels, CB radios and more – making it excellent for hand held scanners. One thing to bear in mind – the model BC75XLT is not suitable for tracking or digital radio system monitoring (e.g., Project 25, DMR or NXDN). A few quick clicks and you’re up and running – listen as much as you want without fretting about complicated settings!

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