TOP 5  Entertainment Collectible Sheet Music

Fred Astaire”GAY DIVORCE” Cole Porter/Claire Luce”Night

and Day” New York’s Sam S. Shubert Theatre 1932 Broadway Sheet Music

Experience the timeless talent of Fred Astaire with “Gay Divorce” Cole Porter/Claire Luce”Night and Day”! Bring an iconic piece of theater memorabilia home to showcase your love for top quality entertainment. This original item gives you access to a piece of Hollywood history that’s as timeless as ever. 
This is a chance to own an unforgettable construct of classic music by the incomparable composer Cole Porter, set to the incomparable dancing skills of Fred Astaire. It’s sure to delight all fans of “Theater Memorabilia”, in particular those who still remember when the show went on Broadway in 1932. 
“Gay Divorce” was actually based on a play by Dwight Taylor and was later adapted into a film starring Astaire. Enjoy experiencing it in its initial form from the comfort of your own home! With this collector’s item, you’ll be celebrating more than just nostalgia – you’ll get to experience every delightful moment that so defined Astaire’s appeal as well as Porter’s lasting influence on American music. 
Get your hands on this unique collectible: “Gay Divorce” Cole Porter/Claire Luce”Night and Day”! Be dazzled once again with these legendary artists’ work in one unforgettable performance.

Melba Moore”PURLIE” Cleavon Little/Linda Hopkins/Sherman

Hemsley/Gary Geld/Peter Udell 1970 Broadway Vocal Selections Songbook

Welcome to “PURLIE” starring the incomparable Melba Moore! This must-have collectible brings together four amazing performers from the Broadway theatre scene, Cleavon Little, Linda Hopkins, Sherman Hemsley and Gary Geld. With Melba at the helm, this musical comedy is guaranteed to have you rolling in the aisles with laughter.
This collectible item is an original theatre memorabilia that you can proudly display in your home. It’s sure to be a conversation starter as it both celebrates and commemorates the iconic production which ran off-Broadway before moving on to Broadway in 1974. Everyone will appreciate how you acquired such a rare piece of theatre history!
This cherished collectible is perfect for all fans of Melba Moore and other cast members who represent years of hard work in both theatre and music – performing live with no holds barred. And don’t worry if you weren’t able to purchase tickets during it’s time on stage – now you can bring “PURLIE”into your home so you can enjoy performances from acclaimed actors whenever your heart desires. 
Don’t miss out on this limited edition item as it won’t be around for long – get your hands on this memorable keepsake today! You simply cannot find another collectible like it anywhere else – its one-of-a-kind nature makes it worth every penny. You won’t regret having “PURLIE” grace a place of honor in your home – take advantage of this unique opportunity while you still can!

Framed Amy Winehouse Lyric Sheet Autograph with

Certificate of Authenticity

Are you ready to own a truly unique piece of music history? Introducing the Framed Amy Winehouse Lyric Sheet Autograph with Certificate of Authenticity. This exquisite collector’s item is perfect for any fan of Amy Winehouse or classic music in general. Not only does it come with an official Certificate of Authenticity, but the beautiful presented frames come with built-in mounting hardware for easy hanging on wall or shelf display.
This collectible is sure to be an eye-catching centerpiece for any room. Crafted from premium quality materials, our editors have graded this item as Good-Excellent indicating that it is in superb condition and value for collectors. This stunning framed lyric sheet autograph offers a lasting tribute to the memory of one of pop culture’s most iconic artists —Amy Winehouse. 
Don’t miss out on owning this special framed collectible! The Framed Amy Winehouse Lyric Sheet Autograph with Certificate of Authenticity will take pride of place in your home and make a powerful visual statement about your love for classic music and dedication to the memory of one its pioneers, Amy Winehouse. Add it to your collection today — you won’t regret it!

Framed Paul McCartney 1967 Lyric Sheet Authentic

Autograph with Certificate of Authenticity

Get an up close and personal piece of music history with this framed Paul McCartney 1967 Lyric Sheet Authentic Autograph with Certificate. Whether for yourself or a loved one, this collectible item makes a perfect addition to any memorabilia collection! This original piece is rated between Good-Excellentand features hand-signed lyrics from some of the singer’s most beloved hits.  
For rock and roll fans, having a piece of authentic Paul McCartney history makes a statement in itself. And given that the certificate comes with the lyric sheet, you can rest assured your memorabilia is indeed authentic. With its simple yet effective frame, you can easily hang it on any wall in your home or office — inviting conversations over coffee drinks or debates over wine glasses! 
So if you’re looking for a new way to honor your favorite musician’s work, look no further than this Framed Paul McCartney 1967 Lyric Sheet Authentic Autograph! It is sure to bring plenty of joy and entertainment to your space — an affordable luxury brought right to your doorstep.

Marc Connelly “SAY WHEN” Max Scheck

Ruth Altman (Debut) 1928 FLOP Sheet Music

Experience the legacy of Broadway with exceptional collectible sheet music from Marc Connelly’s 1928 flop, “Say When,” featuring Max Scheck and Ruth Altman. This original piece is made more special due to its place in theatrical history; making it a remarkable addition to any theater memorabilia collection! 
Through this unique item, you have the opportunity to connect with a past era of Broadway and absorb the impressive creativity behind “Say When.” Enjoy feeling transported back to 1928 through its music and lyrics, encapsulating the energy of that time period and perfectly showcasing the talent of Marc Connelly. 
This sheet music is sure to be a treasured asset for the intelligent collector. In addition, it can also be framed or hung as an eye-catching homage to Broadway’s vibrant past. With an expertly graded condition rating, you can rest assured that it is high quality and durable enough for any collector expedition! 
Achieve your dream of owning an influential mark on theatrical history with this incredibly rare piece of memorabilia that will certainly amaze all audiences. Hurry before it’s gone – Marc Connelly’s “Say When” Max Scheck / Ruth Altman (Debut) 1928 FLOP Sheet Music is waiting just for you!

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