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Jewelry Making Supplies Beads, Unicorn/Mermaid Crafts Gifts Set

Transform your craft and design skills with the Klmars Charm Bracelet Making Kit! Everything you need to create your unique jewelry pieces is included in one package, giving you more time for designing and less time looking for supplies. Our high-quality kit comes with 15 European big hole beads, 22 charms and pendants, 20 colored beads like Shamballa, rainbow, and crystal beads – plus two snake-chain bracelets and three necklace cords. 

Create something special every single time! This kit can make gorgeous clip-on charms, dangle earrings, necklaces, or even a bracelet. Easy to use – no tools or glue needed – unscrew the end cap after stringing in the beads and screw it back tightly. And girls of all ages will love this kit; what better gift than their handmade collection? 

Explore your inner unicorn with Klmars Charm Bracelet Making Kit; get creative crafting beautiful jewelry pieces that show off your unique style. Great for beginners and experienced crafters, indulge yourself with this at-home set and become an expert quickly!

Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint

in Assorted Colors (2 oz), 20501, Bright Red

Trust your crafting projects to Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint, a reliable and high-quality paint choice. Our versatile 2 oz size is made in the USA with a non-toxic and water-based formula so you can use it on wood, paper, canvas, Styrofoam and more with easy cleanup – just soap and water! Add this bright red to all your DIY projects for a fun matte finish in no time – perfect for base coating and stenciling.

And Apple Barrel easily stands out from the pack thanks to its stunningly vibrant colors. With so many possibilities, Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint will always paint your projects with beautiful results.

Just My Style

ABC Beads by Horizon 

Discover a unique and creative way of expressing yourself with Just My Style ABC Beads by Horizon! With over 1000 beads and charms and the ability to create over 40 personalized accessories, you can be sure that no two pieces ever have to look identical. From stylish beaded macramé bracelets to neon letter charms, mixing and matching beads is a fun way to learn while you exercise your skills in fine motor coordination.

Show off your style using these colorful beads, arrange them into initials or spell out words and phrases – let everyone know how you like to express yourself! You could even follow the easy step-by-step instructions and learn how to make complex beaded braids or double-strand accessories and cool keychains! Get started on creating today with Just My Style ABC Beads by Horizon.

Luna Bean Hand Casting Kit Couples

Plaster Hand Mold Casting Kit,

Are you looking for the absolute perfect gift for that special someone? Look no further than our PERFECT GIFT! Our Hand Casting Kit. Whether it’s an Anniversary, Christmas, or any other memorable holiday, have a unique and thoughtful keepsake that lasts forever — a moment your loved one will cherish always! Show them how much they mean to you with this timeless gift. 

Capture every precious detail with a beautiful resolution with OUR HAND CASTING KIT. Its unique rubbery cast accurately and delicately captures every fine line and fingerprint, creating a perfectly replicated sculpture! 

What makes our kit even more unique is its Step 1 alginate molding material – Luna Bean’s ‘Create-A-Cast’ formula! This allows for longer working time, producing stronger casts with better detail and bolder color changes than other craft brands.

And if that doesn’t show enough thoughtfulness for that special someone in your life – think about giving them their custom-made artistic experience along with the final product too! You both get to work together on making this intimate moment a reality! It will be something you both love and remember forever. Continue your memories by personalizing them with optional frames, bases or personal engravings available at an additional cost on our website. With SOULKISSES HAND CASTING KIT – the possibilities are endless!

iBayam Art Kit,

222 Pack Drawing Kits Art Supplies for Kids

Explore your child’s creativity with the iBayam Art SUPPLIES 222-Pack Drawing Kits. This expansive art supplies kit includes everything needed to help unleash your child’s imagination – perfect for creating one-of-a-kind masterpieces! The set consists of 48 oil pastels, 47 paper clips, 48 crayons, 24 colored pencils, 18 watercolor cakes, 12 watercolor pens, 10 A4 white papers, 4 larger clips and more so they can mix & match to explore with. The set also contains a fun coloring book and other essentials to encourage burgeoning artists.

Not only does this art drawing kit comes with an array of supplies, but it’s also designed with safety in mind. All crayons, pencils, markers and pastels in this art kit are safe and non-toxic, adhering to ASTM D4236 certified standards. It makes a great gift for Christmas or birthdays too! Let your kid explore their artistic creativity with the iBayam Art Kit today!

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