Meinl Percussion Mini Melody Steel Tongue

Drum with Mallets

Discover your rhythm with the RockJam 7″ and 8″ Bongo Drum Set. Whether you’re just starting out on your percussive journey, or have been drumming for years, this classic bongo set provides a reliable foundation to showcase your sound. The two authentic skin heads offer depth in your sound construction and control, while the chrome hardware ensures long lasting durability. With head sizes of 7 inches and 8 inches, you’ll be able to create playing style as unique as you are. And when you’re done exploring, neatly store the drum set away in its padded carry case until next time. To ensure optimal performance over time, it’s important to follow the tuning instructions and not strain either side of the frame or hide during tuning. Embrace the music within and the long-lasting natural glow finish with the RockJam 7″ and 8″ Bongo Drum Set with Padded Bag and Tuning Key!Let Meinl Percussion take you to a place of meditative sounds with their Mini Melody Steel Tongue Drum. This tiny drum has a white finish and is only 5.5” so it can be played anywhere, whether in the classroom or at home for fun. It’s special pre-tuned scale ensures that you won’t play any wrong notes; it’s incredibly easy to learn and create soothing, tranquil melodies with its gentle sounds. Plus, its design and size make it both portable and compact – no need to worry about setting up a bass or complex percussion instrument to back your track! Instead, the Meinl percussion tongue drum can easily slip right into any musical bag. So why wait? Start your musical journey today with the perfect instrument for creative minds – the Meinl Percussion Mini Melody Steel Tongue Drum!

Tycoon Percussion TSH

12BN 12″ Ashiko Natural

The Tycoon Percussion TSH-12BN 12″ Ashiko Natural is the essential drum to enhance your musical experience. Handcrafted with the finest Siam Oak Wood and outfitted with handpicked quality goat skin heads, it offers tremendous resonance for deep, loud bass tones and sharp slap sounds. Beat out impressive rhythms using the black powder coated hardware and super high-gloss finishing for a truly eye-catching look that will stand out from the crowd. Plus, you can easily adjust and tune your drum, saving you time and hassle with its included tuning wrench! With Tycoon Percussion’s masterful craftsmanship, the TSH-12BN 12″ Ashiko Natural is sure to exceed all expectations of sound quality, style and playability. Experience this one of a kind drum today – get the Tycoon Percussion TSH-12BN 12″ Ashiko Natural now!

Tycoon Percussion TASH

-8 8″ Roped Tuned Ashiko

Are you a passionate percussionist? With Tycoon Percussion TASH-8 8″ Roped Tuned Ashiko, you can produce deep sounds that will take your performances to a new level! This amazing 19″ tall drum was crafted from hand selected Siam Oak Wood and is equipped with an 8″ diameter head. Plus, it also has premium goat skin heads that guarantee crisp and loud bass tones as well as sharp slap sounds. To top it off, the 5mm extra strong non-stretch rope makes tuning your instrument quick and efficient. Experience unparalleled resonance and get ready to impress your audience with one of the most reliable percussion instruments around. Upgrade your instrument selection and discover what this Ashiko has to offer!

X8 Drums Ashiko

Drum, Large

Let rhythm take your spirit away with the X8 Drums Ashiko Freedom Drum, Large. This beautiful traditional ashiko drum stands an impressive 26-Inches tall, creating deep bass tones and a variety of additional tones for any percussionist. The goatskin playing surface is smooth and warm, creating gorgeous melodies every time you sit down to play. With its unique hand carved design finished in an antique chocolate painted style, this one-of-a-kind drum will captivate those around you with its authentic beauty and unique sound. Hand carved from one solid piece of certified plantation grown mahogany wood, the Freedom Drum has a traditional rope tuning system that brings out all of its crackly nuances. Whether it’s accompanying music on stage or dominating percussionary pieces at home, bring a hint of ancient roots to your performances with the X8 Drums Ashiko Freedom Drum!

X8 Drums Ashiko Freedom

Drum, Large

Experience the captivating drum rhythms of West African music with Tycoon’s X8 Drums Ashiko Freedom Drum! Perfect for drum circles and outdoor performances, this large-sized ashiko is made from environment-friendly Siam Oak wood and features gorgeous steel hardware and tension rod tuning for maximum convenience. Its 25″ stature provides powerful resonance while the handpicked premium goatskin head produces a beautiful tone reminiscent of ancient traditional drums. Both 10″ and 12″ sizes are available to make sure you get the loudest sound possible. With its timeless design, superior craftsmanship and superior sound, you’ll enjoy unforgettable jam sessions every time. So when it’s time to bring your music to life, create an uplifting rhythm with the X8 Drums Ashiko Freedom Drum.

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