Our Top 8 Picks for the Best Pasta Makers: Pasta Making Made Easy

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The Allure of Fresh Pasta

There’s nothing quite like the taste and texture of fresh homemade pasta. The chewy, tender noodles coated in a rich, flavorful sauce are the ultimate comfort food. And while dried pasta from the grocery store is convenient, fresh pasta is on another level entirely.

Making pasta at home allows you to control exactly what goes into it. You can experiment with different flours like semolina or 00 flour to achieve the perfect bite. Adding eggs creates a silky, decadent texture in the noodles. Mixing in spinach, tomatoes or herbs infuses each strand with flavor. The possibilities are endless.

Beyond taste, making homemade pasta is an enjoyable, rewarding process. Kneading the dough is an ideal stress reliever after a long day. Feeding sheets of pasta through a pasta maker and watching them transform into fettucine or ravioli is nothing short of magic. Topping those creations with your favorite sauce makes the payoff even sweeter.

Overview of Pasta Makers

While it’s possible to make pasta by hand, using a pasta maker speeds up the process considerably. These devices run dough through rollers to flatten and thin it out into sheets or strands. Many pasta makers also come with a variety of attachments for cutting noodles into specific shapes.

There are three main types of pasta makers to consider:

  • Manual pasta machines: These require you to feed the dough through the rollers by hand using a crank. They provide great control and customization for an affordable price.
  • Electric pasta machines: These automatically pull the pasta dough through without any manual effort. They make quicker work of pasta making but come at a higher price point.
  • Stand mixer pasta attachments: For those who already own a stand mixer, pasta roller and cutter attachments are available to turn those devices into pasta making machines.

When shopping for a pasta maker, look for one made of stainless steel for maximum durability. Models with thickness adjustment settings allow you to roll pasta to the thinness you desire. Interchangeable cutting attachments give you flexibility to make spaghetti, fettuccine, lasagna sheets and more.

Ready to find the perfect pasta maker for your kitchen? Keep reading for our top recommendations!

Our Top Picks

Marcato Atlas 150 Pasta Machine

The Marcato Atlas 150 is a popular manual pasta machine praised for its versatile performance. All parts that touch the dough are made from nickel-plated steel, with anodized aluminum forming the body. This combination makes the Atlas 150 durable enough for frequent pasta making.

This pasta machine features a wide roller that effortlessly kneads dough as it passes through. Ten thickness settings allow for thin pasta sheets or thick pasta ribbons according to your preferences. Changeable cutting attachments create spaghetti, fettuccine, tagliatelle and more.

Weighing over 10 pounds, the Marcato Atlas 150 pasta machine offers stability during use thanks to its substantial base. Easy-to-use dial controls and comfortable crank handle make the pasta making process smooth and hassle-free. This machine is also conveniently compact for at-home use.

With excellent reviews from both professional chefs and home cooks, the Marcato Atlas 150 provides exceptional pasta making functionality. Its quality craftsmanship and efficient performance explain why many consider it the best manual pasta machine around.

Imperia Pasta Machine

From a company with over 100 years of experience, the Imperia pasta machine turns out strand after strand of perfect pasta. Its sleek stainless steel construction gives it sophistication and durability to use for years to come.

This manual pasta machine comes with a clamp base to secure it to your countertop for stability when rolling dough. Six thickness settings allow you to fine-tune pasta thickness depending on the recipe. Cutting attachments for spaghetti and fettuccine are included.

The Imperia is considered one of the smoothest pasta makers for its ease of use. Its roller width provides ample surface area for efficient flattening in just a few passes. The chrome-plated steel handles dough without sticking. Turning the crank feels natural and effortless thanks to the ergonomic, wooden grip.

From a trusted Italian brand, the Imperia pasta machine delivers speedy pasta prep with simplicity. Its professional-grade performance makes homemade pasta a breeze for cooks of any skill level.

OxGord Pasta Maker Machine

For delicious homemade pasta on a budget, the OxGord pasta maker is a wallet-friendly option. At a fraction of the cost of many other machines, it still churns out tender pasta loaded with flavor.

This manual pasta machine features an aluminum body with stainless steel construction on all parts exposed to dough. It securely clamps to tables or countertops up to 2.4 inches thick, keeping it stable during the pasta rolling process. Adjustable settings allow for custom pasta thickness.

In addition to the built-in fettuccine cutter, three interchangeable cutting attachments help you make spaghetti, lasagna sheets, linguine and more. The OxGord pasta maker disassembles for easy cleaning when the job is done.

For beginning pasta makers, the OxGord is a reasonably priced choice praised for its simplicity. While it may not have all the bells and whistles of pricier models, it lets you create an array of fresh pastas to enjoy right at home.

KitchenAid Pasta Roller & Cutter Attachment Set

KitchenAid stand mixers are beloved for their versatility, with pasta making being no exception. This roller and cutter set efficiently transforms a KitchenAid mixer into a pasta making machine.

Featuring stainless steel construction, this attachment connects securely to the mixer’s power hub for stability when rolling dough. Eight thickness settings provide a wide range of options for pasta sheets and strands. Three cutting attachments create spaghetti, fettuccine and lasagna noodles.

Letting you make pasta with a machine you already own and love, this attachment set adds functionality to a KitchenAid stand mixer. Using the mixer’s power eliminates manual cranking, making the pasta making process practically effortless.

For KitchenAid owners seeking a space-saving, integrated way to make pasta at home, this roller and cutter set is the perfect solution.

Philips Viva Collection Pasta and Noodle Maker

For those desiring electric, push-button pasta making, the Philips Viva Collection pasta maker takes the work out of homemade noodles. With integrated mixing, kneading and extruding functions, freshly made pasta is only a button away.

This compact pasta maker features a 2.6 pound capacity to make up to 1.5 pounds of pasta dough at once. The mixing blade combines water and flour into an even dough. During seven minutes of kneading, the dough becomes perfectly smooth and elastic.

Four interchangeable discs then help extrude the pasta into spaghetti, fettuccine, penne or lasagna sheets. An integrated storage drawer holds discs for future use. When complete, the removable parts clean up easily in the dishwasher.

For near-instant homemade pasta without the effort, the

Philips pasta maker impresses with its simplicity. One-touch operation and automatic functions create perfect pasta and noodles with minimal work required.

Rethone Pasta Maker Attachment for KitchenAid Stand Mixers

KitchenAid stand mixer owners have another quality option for pasta making with this attachment from Rethone. Constructed entirely of FDA-approved stainless steel, it firmly affixes to a KitchenAid power hub for stability when rolling dough.

This pasta maker attachment features eight thickness settings to accommodate recipes calling for thin or thick pasta varieties. Three included cutting attachments create spaghetti, fettuccine and lasagna noodles up to 6 inches wide.

Designed specifically for KitchenAid stand mixers, this attachment harnesses their power for effortless rolling and cutting. It rotates 360 degrees for convenience while sending dough through its smooth stainless steel rollers.

For those with a KitchenAid mixer seeking a heavy-duty pasta making attachment, the Rethone brand is a smart choice. Its stainless steel durability and ease of use make homemade pasta a breeze.

Starfrit Electric Pasta and Noodle Maker

Offering functionality similar to the Philips model, the Starfrit electric pasta and noodle maker delivers push button pasta making. Its integrated mixing blade combines ingredients into dough before kneading it to perfection.

Featuring nine thickness settings, this machine rolls dough into thin or thick sheets as desired. Three interchangeable discs cut pasta into spaghetti, fettuccine or lasagna noodles up to 6 inches wide. An additional penne disc is also included.

This electric pasta maker requires no manual effort thanks to automatic dough extrusion. Cleanup is easy as well since all removable parts can be placed in the dishwasher. A measuring cup and cleaning tool are included for convenience.

For those seeking homemade pasta at the push of a button, the Starfrit electric pasta maker takes the hassle and effort out of rolling and cutting. With versatile functions contained in one unit, it brings ease to pasta making for any home cook.

CucinaPro Pasta Maker Deluxe Set

Offering excellent value for money, the CucinaPro deluxe pasta maker set provides everything needed for homemade pasta night after night. Its stainless steel body houses quality components selected for durability and performance.

This manual pasta machine securely clamps to tables or counters while turning out sheet after sheet of dough. Nine adjustable roll

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