Never Lose Sight of Your Phone: The 5 Best Car Phone Mounts for Easy Access

Top car phone mounts

Having easy access to your phone while driving is crucial for navigation, music controls, and emergency calls. A car phone mount allows you to securely mount your phone in a convenient spot, keeping it in view without obstructing your line of sight. With so many options on the market, choosing the right mount for your needs and budget can be tricky.

In this blog post, we’ll go over the key factors to consider when shopping for a car phone mount. We’ll also provide recommendations for the best overall mounts, best value mounts, and mounts with specialized features. Whether you want something simple or loaded with extras like wireless charging, you’ll find great options to keep your phone accessible on the road.

Importance of a Good Car Phone Mount

A secure car phone mount serves several important purposes:

  • Allows you to use phone GPS and mapping apps to navigate
  • Lets you control music playback and take calls hands-free
  • Holds your phone stable while driving over bumps
  • Positions phone within easy sightline to check directions/notifications
  • Can charge phone wirelessly while mounted in some models

Without a proper mount, you end up fumbling with your phone while driving which is extremely dangerous. A sturdy mount makes phone use safer and more convenient.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Car Phone Mount

With many types of mounts using different attachment methods, take these factors into account:

  • Mounting location – Dashboard, windshield, vent, CD slot, etc.
  • Phone dimensions – Cradle needs to fit your phone model
  • Case compatibility – Will it work with a thick case?
  • Adjustment angles – Can the phone tilt and swivel?
  • One-handed access – Easy to insert and remove phone?
  • Grip strength – Will it stay put on bumpy roads?
  • Special features – Wireless charging, auto-lock, etc.

Prioritize the factors that are most important for your situation. For example, easy one-handed access makes more sense for some vehicles than adjustable angles. We’ll keep these aspects in mind as we recommend great mounts.

Best Overall Car Phone Mounts

These top-rated mounts check all the major boxes for convenient phone mounting. They offer a blend of strong gripping power, flexible positioning, and easy installation.

Andobil Car Phone Holder Mount

With over 5,000 Amazon reviews and a 4.5/5 star rating, the Andobil holder is a customer favorite. It uses sturdy steel reinforced clamps to grip your phone on the dashboard or windshield.

Features and Benefits

  • Fits phones up to 3.5″ wide – works with large phones or cases
  • Powerful suction cup with quick one-touch lever lock and release
  • Flexible gooseneck allows 360° rotation and tilt for ideal angles
  • Anti-skid arms prevent phone from slipping out of place
  • Low profile gets mounted close to windshield to minimize obstruction

For an adjustable mount with industrial-grade hold, the Andobil is a top choice that works across vehicle types. Reviewers praise the strong grip that keeps phones locked in over all kinds of road conditions.

iOttie Easy One Touch 5 Smartphone Car Mount

Another bestseller with over 6,000 reviews and 4.5 stars, the iOttie Easy One Touch lives up to its name. The telescoping arm and adhesive dash/windshield mount make positioning your phone a breeze.

Features and Benefits

  • Adhesive gel pad sticks securely to surfaces yet removes cleanly
  • Extending arm for closer phone positioning to minimize blocking sightlines
  • One touch open and close mechanism makes inserting phone effortless
  • Soft grip holds phone stable yet won’t scratch delicate surfaces
  • Tilt adjustable for optimizing viewing angles on the fly

For those seeking the utmost in swift, one-handed phone mounting convenience, the Easy One Touch represents the state of the art. The quick install dash pad and spring-loaded holder make accessing your phone truly simple.

Zeehoo Wireless Car Charger

This mount sets itself apart by adding 10W fast wireless charging. The air vent clip positioning makes it a versatile option across vehicle types.

Features and Benefits

  • Clips directly to air vents for minimalist, non-adhesive install
  • 10W output charges phones quickly without cables
  • Overheating auto-off protection for safety
  • 360° rotation for directing phone screen perfectly
  • Anti-drop silicone net holds phones securely, even on bumps

For those wanting wireless charging without a permanent mount install, the Zeehoo delivers. The clip-on flexibility and rapid charging make it convenient for rental cars or across multiple family vehicles.

Best Value Car Phone Mounts

You don’t have to spend a lot to get an effective, reliable phone mount. These affordable options have outstanding performance without premium price tags.

Scosche Magic Mount Dash Mount

Using powerful rare earth magnets, Scosche’s Magic Mount makes attaching metal-backed phones effortless. And it costs less than $20.

Features and Benefits

  • Rare earth magnets lock phones in place instantly
  • Adhesive backing sticks to dashboards without tools or hardware
  • Low profile, compact design for minimal intrusion
  • Works with all phones, including Androids, iPhones and cases
  • Can be safely used with pacemakers according to manufacturer

For a wonderfully simple mounting approach without giving up versatility, the Magic Mount delivers. Reviewers love the strong magnetic grip and tiny dash footprint at a bargain price point.

WixGear Magnetic Mount

Much like the Scosche option, this mount relies

Much like the Scosche option, this mount relies on potent magnets to instantly affix phones. The WixGear also rotates for ideal angles.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy mount and detach with built-in magnets
  • Full 360 degree rotation for portrait or landscape views
  • Adheres to dashboards with strong 3M adhesive (tools-free)
  • Ultra-slim 0.6 inch thickness doesn’t block vision
  • Grippy rubber construction prevents phone scratches

As a budget-friendly magnetic mount with smooth rotational adjustments, the WixGear is a win. It works flawlessly across phone brands while blending into your car’s interior.

Vicseed Car Phone Mount

If cup holders are the only mounting spot in your car, Vicseed has the solution. This mount fits perfectly into cups and has a long flexible neck.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed for cup holders with adjustable base and rubber trim
  • 17 inch flexible arm allows big positioning range
  • Rubber phone cradle grips tightly and adjusts sizes
  • One button release for inserting/removing phones
  • Textured clamp arms prevent phone slipping

For mounting flexibility from dashboard to windshield and everywhere between, the Vicseed delivers. Reviewers praise the adjustable nature that makes it at home in any cup holder.

Specialized Car Phone Mounts

These mounts include specific features like wireless MagSafe charging for Apple devices. They optimize for particular use cases.

Belkin MagSafe Car Vent Mount

This mount is designed expressly for the latest iPhones with MagSafe charging capabilities. Just attach and power up.

Features and Benefits

  • Seamless MagSafe charging works only with compatible iPhones
  • Powerful neodymium magnets keep your phone locked in
  • Vent clip design for flexible positioning
  • Articulating phone mount for ideal angles
  • Includes USB-C to Lightning cable for power

For Apple devotees with the newest iPhones, this magnetically attaching mount simplifies wireless charging on the move. No cables, one-handed mounting – just pure MagSafe convenience.

Ainope Car Phone Holder Mount

When you need to mount extra large phones and thick cases, Ainope delivers. The expandable clamp opens wide to grip big devices.

Features and Benefits

  • Jaws expand 3.6 inches for giant phones in bulky cases
  • Long flexible 16 inch neck for optimal positioning
  • Rubber pads prevent phone slipping and dashboard scratches
  • One button release lets you quickly grab phone
  • Secure suction cup adheres tightly to windshields

If you rock a big phone in an OtterBox or LifeProof case, don’t despair. This monster mount will keep it locked down tight on even the most rugged terrain.


Summary of Top Picks

We looked at a variety of excellent car phone mounts spanning different attachment styles, features, and price points. Any of the mounts we covered will serve you well, but here’s a quick recap of our top 3 overall choices:

  1. Andobil Car Phone Holder Mount – Our best overall pick for its adjustable gooseneck and ultra sturdy windshield grip to keep phones secure.
  2. iOttie Easy One Touch 5 – The easiest to mount and dismount one-handed thanks to its spring-loaded clamp and telescoping arm.
  3. Zeehoo Wireless Car Charger – Includes fast wireless charging and flexible air vent mounting for phones and rental cars.

While these options should cover most people’s needs, also consider the specialized Belkin magnetic wireless MagSafe charger if you have the latest iPhone.

Tips for Choosing the Right Car Phone Mount

To select the best phone mount for your situation, keep these tips in mind:

  • Make sure it fits your phone’s dimensions and case style
  • Test grip strength and adjustability before buying when possible
  • Consider convenience factors like one-handed access
  • Know which locations in your car allow mounting (dash, vent, windshield, etc)
  • Decide if you want wireless charging (requires compatible phone)

Installing your mount correctly is also key – don’t just stick it to the dash. Thoroughly clean the surface and let adhesive cure for 6+ hours before use.

With a great car phone mount matched to your needs, you’ll stay connected while driving safer with both hands on the wheel.

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