How to Get Rid Of Moobs (Man Boobs) without Surgery

Gynectrol PillsMoobs Explained

Moobs, man boobs or gynecomastia; whatever you call them, the extra flab that some of us take in our torso region that provides the look of a prepubescent girl instead of a chiseled Olympian are an, ahem, growing issue. As stated by the Belvedere Clinic, 47% of guys in Britain despise the look of their torsos and a 44% increase was in the amount of guys choosing for cosmetic surgery to attack the issue between 2007 and 2011.

What causes moobs and how do you remove? With around two thirds of US/British guys tipping the scales into obesity, just being overweight causes a large proportion of moobs. But if it is not a flab issue you are coping with, a hormonal imbalance may be at play. Lowered testosterone and raised rates of the female hormone, oestrogen might be the reason, and are dealt with by a physician who may advocate operation and is able to advise you how you can rebalance your hormones.

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