Express VPN Providing You Faster Speeds and Unrestricted Access in Secure Environments

How do you select a VPN on basis of its merits as claimed in its sites? With the constant progress of the digital world and smart technology, internet consumers worldwide are in constant demand for VPN services that will gain them timely access to worldwide entertainment and their favorite websites blocked through protocols due to countries social policies.

Express VPN Among The Top Five Contenders Fort Best VPN Provider

A good VPN provider will always provide all of the features required to provide stable and unlimited connectivity. It will withstand the most critique of reviews by virtue of its performance. Express VPN is a top contender to b a high ranking VPN provider and by the looks of its feature we can easily deduct and justify its claims.

A good VPN is determined by the geographical access of its servers because basically that’s what it is meant for. To provide geographical access to a browser beyond the restrictions of his own location. Express VPN provides an availability 100 odd servers operating through 78 countries which is quite impressive. It enables you to connect to servers within these countries under a cloak of concealment and total privacy where you’re IP remains anonymous. As claimed by VPN, its servers can handle bulk traffic from all of the countries it operates in.

Highlights of Express VPN

  • Ultra fast speed: Secured by SSl and 256 bit encryption which ensures total concealment of your traffic.
  • Unlimited bandwidth: Stream all your favorite videos and TV channels in HD from anywhere in the world.
  • Total customer support: Highly responsive 24/7 customer support
  • User friendly apps: Compatible with Mac, IOS and Android systems
  • Affordable pricing: Competitive prices with an attractive yearly plan of 8.32$ per month.
  • Protocols provided:   Open VPN and SSTP L2TP/IPSec, PPTP protocols

Compatibility with Other Devices

It makes no sense hiring a VPN service if you can’t view content on your Smartphone. However express VPN guarantees compatibility with all devices besides a desktop such as Smartphone, Tablets, IPADs, and Routers. Express VPN is compatible with all operating systems like windows, Linux, android, IOS and MAC. Where android is concerned you need 4.0 or higher.

Express VPN is compatible with a diverse range of servers with varied protocols. What VPN does for you is provide you secure access through such protocols in the guise of an operator with protocols of the same geographical location. The biggest advantage of Express VPN is the benefit of ‘Point to Point Tunneling Protocols that enables you access without compromising on your internet speed.

Be it your android or your laptop Express VPN gains you speedy aces to the most happening of channels on the net today. These are:

  • HULU

Express VPN is backed by an inspiring customer support that responds to your live chat queries within 10 to 15 seconds. This is typical of a service that understands the importance of customers’ needs. As for set up and installation, express VPN relies on one point option based set up which is completely user friendly and simple to understand.